Production Facilities

Hunca Global’s production activities takes place in Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ on a land of 22.000 m2 with an indoor space of 15.000 m2. The facility has the capacity to produce various types of cosmetics and private label ranges.

Hunca Cosmetics constantly developes new products with its powerful r&d staff and the well-equipped modern laboratory.

Product Groups

Eau de Toilette
Deo Stick
Roll On
Hair Dye
Hair Conditioner
Hair Gel & Mousse
Hair Spray
Liquid Soap
Hand & Body Lotion
Shaving Foam
Make Up
Room Spray

Quality Excellence & Certificates

Production activities in our facilities are carried out in accordance with the standards and regulations that are put into effect by the European Union, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in Turkey, sensitive to the environment and human health.

The GMP CERTIFICATE covers business-related protective measures to prevent and reduce the contamination of manufactured products by internal and external factors. With this document, we guarantee that our products are produced within the health, safety and environmental standards until the production process reaches to the consumer.

ISO 9001 QUALITY CERTIFICATE is a management approach in which all processes are documented in the administration and administration of the enterprises and the processes are recorded in this documentation structure. With this document, we guarantee that our products are produced with sustainable and repeatable processes and that every product is registered.

HALAL PRODUCT CERTIFICATE is a neutral expert report that inspects products, additives, preparation and processing methods, hygiene and health conditions in accordance with Islamic rules. With this document, we guarantee that we do not use raw materials contrary to Islamic rules.

TURQUALITY DOCUMENT is the world's first state-sponsored branding program. With this document, we guarantee that we have sufficient hardware and vision to increase the power of international brands Turkey and Turkish brands.