Enhancing innocence and dynamism with its soft scent suitable for daily use CALDION is the young and modern perfume and deodorant series for unique individuals who consider harmony and synergy as the indespencable part of a scent. Having met the consumers in 1996 CALDION has an outstanding, ready- to wear scent for both women and men.

In 2006, for the purpose of widening the target group Caldion Night joined the family and its modern, elegant smell reflected the glow of the night.

In 2010 CALDION created brand new products each of which are charming and attractive: CALDION Jeans. These new products sometimes gave life to the woody and aromatic touch which a man is familiar with and sometimes underlined the mysterious world of women. In other words the new CALDION family has brought a breath of fresh air in lives of both sexes of all ages.


Caldion Classic Men EDT

Caldion Classic Women EDT

Caldion Night Men EDT

Caldion Night Women EDT

Caldion Jeans Men EDT

Caldion Jeans Women EDT


Caldion Classic Men Deo

Caldion Classic Women Deo

Caldion Night Men Deo

Caldion Night Women Deo

Caldion Jeans Men Deo

Caldion Jeans Women Deo

Roll On

Caldion Classic Men Roll On

Caldion Classic Women Roll On

Caldion Jeans Men Roll On

Caldion Jeans Women Roll On

Gift Set

Caldion Classic Men Gift Set EDT Deo

Caldion Classic Women Gift Set EDT Deo

Caldion Night Men Gift Set EDT Deo

Caldion Night Women Gift Set EDT Deo

Caldion Jeans Men Gift Set EDT Deo

Caldion Jeans Women Gift Set EDT Deo